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“ Breakin Bike Locks ”

Story by , written 16 years ago 1984 views50 votes
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Bike locks can b easy to break if u dnt want the trouble of carrying round hack saws wirecutters and all that bollocks.
The easiest way of breaking a U lock is to position the bike so the middle frame is puttin pressure on the U lock. The frame of the bike is stronger than the lock, so all u need to do is get about two of your mates and lift either ends of the bike, depending on where the lock is positioned. Put as much pressure as u can on the U lock and in the end it should snap, depending on how strong the lock is.
Ive done this to about 4 bikes now and sold them off for profit, V useful if ur short on cash, just dont b a fool an get caught in the process, aint my fault if u do.


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