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how to video games


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“ Cheap Video Games/consoles--triggaman-- ”

Story by , written 14 years ago 2035 views149 votes
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This is a simple concept so I’ll explain what I need to.

When this can be done
Video games are overpriced as are consoles but I have figured out a way to get them cheap. When someone is going into Gamestop, EB Games, or a similar store carrying a desirable item this is when your chance arises.

How to obtain the desired item for a small fee.
As you see them about to enter say "Are you by chance planning on selling that to Gamestop?". If they reply yes then say "I will give you 10$ more then what they offer you." Now any sane person would agree to this as it’s more money for them.

Why this makes them cheaper
Gamestop and similar stores is owned by cheap bastards who will offer 30$ for a game and sell that same game for 60$. So you by doing this save yourself 20$ by buying the game from that person.

Problems that could arise
Problem 1: The person refuses to sell their item.
Solution 1: #%!@ them they are retarded wait for next opportunity.

That is the only problem I have ever encountered doing this but enjoy doing this.

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