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“ Tk Cheating Method for School ”

Story by anonymous , written 16 years ago 2226 views61 votes
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TK Cheating Method
Uses: voc ab tests,anything that invovles short notes or couple words. BELIVE ME works on alot of tests/quizes.
Microsoft Word or something like it, type out your cheat sheet. make the printed copy half an inch tall and couple of inches long. SIZE 4 FONT!
the paper should kinda look like thoses papers that come out of chinesee cookies, but #*@! load more text.
THEN, take a clear BIC pen, take everything out of it, fold the paper up like a cigeratte almost like this "C". shove it in the bic pen. Make sure the lettering is showing so you can see it, when looking at the pen ( DUH). Put the pen back together. OH YEA USE SIZE 4 FONT! SIZE 4 YES FOUR. you wont believe how easy it is to stare at your pen because the fonts so small. dont worry you wont get caught. I use this method for all tests quizes. i also made cheat sheets, with it prepared in the pen and gave it to kids in my class. everyones cheating with TKs METHODS! email:tommyk318


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