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“ Getting Out of a Speeding Ticket ”

Story by pyoobez , written 13 years ago 1204 views57 votes
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I know there are a few eggs on this subject. Most of them are excuses, however, not this one.

For those who don\’t know, there is a standard speed limit in all states. It usually ranges from roughly 55 to 75 for Interstates or U.S. Highways. This means that this is the limit for reasonable speed. As you probably know the speed limit lowers for various hazards (curves, traffic, bus stops, sometimes just because houses are too close.)

However, when signs are placed at certain points, there are occassions when no records are made to show that these signs should be placed there. Usually in the latter incident of neighborhoods complaining of cars going by too fast. Your local courthouse should have all the information you need to check the area you were caught speeding in.

So as long as you weren\’t doing speeds in excess of your state\’s limits and no mention of weather or unsafe driving is on your ticket, I recommend checking into this. My dad had done this on two occassions that he had gotten out of the ticket completely. After he told me about it, I mentioned it to a friend who looked into it, and he got out of a ticket as well.

Also, if you were going over over the standard speed limit, you may want to look into it as well. It may cut your speeding ticket by ten miles an hour or more, which could lower the fine and equal less points on your record.


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