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“ Overriding Alarm Systems ”

Story by , written 16 years ago 1751 views51 votes
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I ran a quick search and didn\’t see anything like this elsewhere on RE, but I might have missed it, so don\’t get pissed if it\’s a re-post. I can assure you it\’s not copied from anywhere.

Some alarm systems for windows and doors work using magnets. One magnet, on a leaf-spring, is mounted inside the door frame. Another, more powerful magnet is mounted inside the door at the same level as the first magnet. The magnet in the door frame is charged with an electric current, and if the magnet in the door is moved far enough away, the leaf spring causes the other magnet to snap back against a metal connector that completes the circuit, and sets off the alarm. This is a basic, simple type of alarm that is pften used when lots of doors have to be wired in the same building--such as a school. It should be obvious to most of you at this point, but one way to override this type of alarm is to run a peice of iron along the outside until you find a place where it sticks. Then get a large, powerful magnet--I use a neodymium electromagnet, but that\’s just me--and put both the north and south ends of the magnet against the point on the frame, until you find the one that doesn\’t get pushed away. (If neither end gets pushed away, you\’re in luck--they\’ve just got a chunk of metal in the frame rather than another magnet.) This should allow you to get inside the door without setting off any alarms, but watch out and be ready to run in case you trip another system inside.


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