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“ Haunted House ”

Story by anonymous , written 13 years ago 1997 views67 votes
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As many may know... scaring people is not always the easiest thing to do... ( i am not talking about jumping out from behind a wall... anybody can do that) A real TRUE scare, that will leave a lifetime impression on them is hard to come by. Here is one story that a friend and i did, that will work for you if executed properly.

Items needed: 1 Abandon House, 1 Partner, 1 candle (used... definitly not \\\"new\\\" looking)

Process: You and a friend need to find a house which is suitible for this \\\"scare\\\". It must be old, abandon, and somewhat safe, its not funny if someone dies. Once you have found a house that looks like the afore mentioned one, you are set. You and a friend must have someone TO scare (obviously), and a story to scare them WITH. A story about how a ghost inhabits the house, or how a person died there will do perfectly. 1 friend (the patient one) will stay at the house with a candle, while the other goes and rounds up some friends to scare. When the 2nd friend returns with the scare-ees (after beeing told the house is haunted) the 1st friend must wait till they get to a pre-determined part of the house, where they will see the candle... not lit. When they walk out of the room, the 1st friend must lite the candle. After giving the 1st friend sufficient time to lite the candle, the 2nd friend will lead the party thru the room again... with the candle lit. Along with the story, house, and candle. The simple things will scare them the most. Do not ever tell them it was you... and they will re-live that night in their stories for years.

Curtains being moved... weird knocks... doors slamming... doors being shut when the party opens them... all these \\\"little\\\" things will be MORE than enough.

Good luck to you... and again, old houses may not be safe sometimes, and in no way is it funny if someone were to fall to their death.

Again, good planning is best...

-Victor Maldonado De Maldonado Junior


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