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“ Scare People on Limewire *with Pic* Possibly Get Money ”

Story by ACDCrocksmorethanyou , written 13 years ago 1854 views102 votes
DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME : Text files and message bases are for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Do not undertake any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site.We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.
Well, most P2P software will work (i think) as long as it has chat enabled. Ok, what you\’re going to do is go to the screen on your P2P program where the uploads are. Look at the people that are currently uploading the file from you. If they have a smiley face next to them it means you can chat to them.

Ok, now\’s where the fun begins. Start a chat window, and start saying things like \"this is the FBI, and downloading copywriten material is a federal offense\" then get all technical. *make sure the thing they\’re downloading is copywriten (ACTUAL movies, songs from REAL bands, etc)* If you wanna get money outta the deal, you could go to you\’re post office and set up a PO box. Tell the person unless they want to get a lawsuit brought up against them, they must send money to that PO box. The PO box is so that they dont see a home address and realize its a joke.

SORRY for the small picture, but it says from top to bottom...
\"click this tab\"
\"in limewire it\’s right here\"
\"sorry but i couldn\’t get any example of people uploading, but the smiley would be right here\"


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